For many years, Chang Sing Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been providing customers the solutions for ultra-high precision measurement, positioning, and motion systems. With our expertise in the field of metrology, we understand the precise meaning and how to help customers to achieve this goal.

At present, the encoder has been widely used in factory automation, measurement, office automation equipment, medical equipment, aviation, and general fields. Various encoders from small to large resolution can meet all requirements. We provide customized services from standard ultra-precision components to customized systems. We provide measurement systems for manufacturers and users to significantly improve bottom-line productivity, higher precision, and higher resolution rotary measurement sensors.

At CHANG SING, we have the rich experiences in successfully helping customers to solve special problems. We achieve this through standard products and customized designs. For customized designs, we provide everything from feasibility to trial production of modules to machine integrity.

We design, produce, and supply advanced rotary and linear motion sensors to meet the growing global market demand. We have rich experiences, knowledges, and innovative concepts to provide customized product solutions that meet customer needs.

When developing customized solutions, we usually first select the appropriate standard products, and then decide on the scope of the change. We provide a variety of items to adjust, including the actual size and shape, communication protocols, connectors, environmental protection, etc. During development, our engineers will provide advice to help you understand which solutions have helped similar applications in the past, and to what extent you can reduce costs.

Depending on the final specifications discussed with you, this method allows us to significantly reduce development time while providing you with highly competitive solutions.

Over the past few decades, we have worked closely with partners in a wide range of industries. From machine tools to heavy machinery, advanced surgery, collaborative robots, and aerospace technology industries, no matter how stringent the requirements are, our encoders can be meticulously achieved.